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Fire safety starts right here. Welcome to the Welephant web site.

Welephant is now part of the Children's Burn Trust
whose website can be found by following this link

Welephant is here with his own fire safety education web site for you to enjoy. Find out more about fire safety and other related topics or just have fun - play Welephant's special 'stay safe' games and discover more about fire safety in your home.

You'll find stories, games, fire safety information and tips, music, speech, animations, colouring book pictures and downloads, quizzes, interactive fire risk assessment questionnaires, devising a fire plan, things to do,
print outs and plenty more fun besides - all with fire safety in mind.

If you are planning to have your own fireworks at a celebration or party,
it is very important that you and your children brush up on your Firework Code.
Go to Welephant's special firework story in the stories menu (the link is just below).
There you'll also find the Firework Code to print out and keep. There's so much to see and do!

Special features include:

Welephant's Special Bonfire Night Story
Read all about how Welephant and Spikey enjoyed a safe bonfire night with our special feature story "Safe Firework Fun". You will find this story by clicking on the monitor screen hanging from the ceiling in Welephant's Watchtower. It also provides the Firework Code for you to print out.

Link to Feature Story - "Safe Firework Fun".

Welephant says,

"Have a safe celebration everyone, remember if you plan to use fireworks you should use the Firework Code and stay safe!"

Contact your local Fire Brigade
Contact details are available here. Find out what's going on at your local fire station. Get details on activites, web and e-mail addresses and who to contact in your area.
Link to Local Fire Brigade Contacts Page

Welephant's Colouring Book
Check out Welephant's colouring book, print out the pictures and colour them in. You can find them on the computer in Welephant's Watchtower, under 'downloads'.
Link to Printouts and Colouring Book

Welephant Fire Escape Plans
Having a Fire Escape Plan, so you know what to do if there is a fire, could literally save your life! Check out Welephant's Fire Escape Plans, you should print these out and read them carefully.
Link to Welephant's Fire Escape Plans

Welephant Screen Saver
Download a funky screen saver for your PC or MAC. Click on the computer in Welephant's Watchtower and select 'downloads'.
Link to Welephant's funky fire safety screen saver

The History of Fire
See how humans could have discovered fire in this comical story about stoneage man, with special guest stars Sharon Stone-Age and Wooliephant, Welephant's fire fighting ancestor. Click on the t.v. monitor hanging from the ceiling in Welephant's Watchtower to find out more in Welephant's Stories.
Link to Welephant's Story Menu

Welephant's web site contains safety information especially devised by Welephant and the CFBT to help promote the understanding of the dangers of fire and smoke inhalation. It will help you decide where to position smoke alarms, how to devise an escape plan and some hazards to look out for in your own home. There are games and activities such as a jigsaw, a doodle pad, a word search to print out and much more.

For further information on fire safety please contact your local Brigade. Contact details can be found under the local contacts section or in your local telephone directoy.

If you are a first time visitor to the site then you should visit the beginner's guide for help on using the site, but if you have been here before then go right on in!

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